Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things Overheard at Work

1.   Poland, is that in Asia?

2.   If he said he'd hit you upside the head--then that's a threat!

3.   I am not giving you that editor's home phone number!

4.   No sir, I don't think you should call all the agents you want to
      query to see if you're compatible. Finding an agent is not like
      dating (in this instance).

5.   Sir, if you don't have a computer then you really shouldn't
      sign up for an online subscription--perhaps you should
      purchase the book. 

How's your week going?



1 comment:

  1. Ms Parish, I just read your "Five Simple Things Agents Can Do" on the GLA blog. I would like to see on the blog sometime, a learned opinion on agencies who say they reply only if they're interested. Considering all the flaming hoops authors must leap through before querying, it is offensive to get no response when rejected. Too busy? Too busy! Too busy to drop a form rejection postcard in the SASE? Too busy to hit "Reply," and say, "Thanks, but no thanks?" Surely responding is part of an agent's territory, and not doing so speaks of disorganization, and worse, makes a mockery of the web site's fat paragraph of how sensitive and supportive they are. Joan