Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do I Need a Blog?

That's one question writers, both published and unpublished ask themselves. The answer is a definite maybe. A blog can be a great way to express yourself, to connect with potential readers and to learn to write tight. It's also been said that some agents will google potential clients to see if they have a web presence and if they do, if it's a positive one. (Don't trash agents on your blog, they will find out, one way or the other). The maybe part, a blog does take a chunk of your time. Time you could otherwise use to write your great american novel....

There are some examples of blogs that were so successful that they garnered the bloggger a book deal. The best example I can think of is Julie & Julia. Yep, that popular movie starring Meryl Streep began as a blog, then became a book then a movie. You know the rest.

Another example of a successful blog hits a litle closer to home for me. The blog was originally started so that friends and families of the Kings Firecrackers, a performance jump rope group from the Kings School District in Warren County, Ohio, could easily view the team's performances. Well word got out pretty quickly, a few posts on youtube also helped and that little blog has seen over 10 million hits and has been seen in over 88 countries. The result has been some amazing opportunities for a group of girls in grades 4-8. They will be performing at the halftime for one of the Chicago Bulls games this year, not to mention the Detroit Pistons and at lots of college and high school basketball games. They also performed on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon and have had inquiries from The Ellen DeGeneres show, Good Morning America and some other shows and events that were a bit too far away.

The one thing in common that both these examples have is Talent and lots of it, but the blogs definitely helped promote that talent. To illustrate my point, you can check out the Kings Firecrackers at: http://www.kingsfirecrackers.blogspot.com/.

Prepare to be amazed...



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