Friday, November 20, 2009

Twitter as a Resource Tool for Writers

Twitter- that internet phenomenon that asks the simple question “What are you doing?” has become especially popular with publishing types. Because of this, it can be a great resource tool for writers..

1. You can use twitter to determine a particular agent’s likes and dislikes. They will often mention trends they are seeing as they read through their slush pile.

2. Waiting for a response from an agent? Many agents will list on Twitter where they are in regards to their slush pile.

3. Organized Twitter Topics are popular with Agents. Topics like #pubtip, #askagent, #Allaboutagents (or #askanagent) and #Kidlit allow agents to communicate with writers without having to leave the comfort of their home or their neighborhood watering hole for that matter. To reference the transcripts simply go to and enter the “#” then Kidlit etc. in the Search field. In many cases, agents will answer questions directed to them if the #topic is listed with the question.

4. You can also sign up for TweetChat, which does allow you to chat real time with people other folks on Twitter.

So how do you determine if a particular agent is on Twitter? You can go to and place the agent’s name after a slash
(e.g. to see if that person is on Twitter. Also on many agency websites, you will see the Twitter icon or the agent will say follow me on Twitter at:_____

You can also use a skip tracing technique that collectors use to find information on the debtors they’re trying to locate. If you find one agent on twitter, look at their tweets, they will often respond to another agent, if you click on that agent’s tweets, this will often bring you to another agent etc.

It’s free to sign up, to do so go to If you don’t want to sign up, you can still reference many of the tweets.

Also, has a pretty extensive list of agents on Twitter.

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