Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Night At the Bookstore

A lady walked into the bookstore holding a chihuahua in a shoulder bag while at the same time a monk walked in the other side of the door. I think I can say with a large degree of certainty that this has never happened before and may never happen again. It was an interesting evening. There was also a lady who had a huge tattoo in the middle of her chest(she was was scantily clad in a camisole), that when viewed from far away looked like an enormous lowercase 'e'.

How was your evening?




  1. Oh, my evening was way more interesting than yours! The Seven Dwarves volunteered to mow my grass, but the Tooth Fairy came by and criticized their work and there was a big fight right out on the lawn. I had to call the Sheriff of Nottingham to come and haul them all away. Seriously...could things get any weirder at your job? Let's hope not!

  2. There was also the drunk guy who came in after spending the afternoon/morning watching the World cup. He ordered a book and the email address was f_dea as the prefix.