Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucky the Cat

About six months after I adopted Bailey, it came very clear that she was getting restless being home by herself when I was working. So, I decided it was time to expand our feline family and made a trip to the Warren County Animal Shelter. I looked at a couple of the kittens but Lucky caught my eye. He was very active and played with all the toys in the kitten room but he was also attentive to me as well. I knew he'd be a good match for Bailey and me. When I was completing the paperwork for his adoption, one of the workers mentioned that he was almost adopted the day before, but when they were placing the id chip in his neck, the lady balked. She thought id chip was the mark of the beast and refused to take him home. He's named Lucky, because it was luck that saved him from having to go home with that lady. He came home with me instead and I think we're all better for it!

Don't forget June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month!




  1. Thats fate for you!
    He is an handsome boyx

  2. Lucky could not have gone to a better home!