Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things Overheard at The Bookstore

On the weekends I work at my neighborhood bookstore. It's a pretty fun place to work and the store seems to attract some pretty interesting characters. For lack of another name I give you Scooter Lady

Asst. Store Manager: Ma'am, we don't have that book in stock, but I can order it for you.

Scooter Lady: Well how long will that take?

ASM: Three to eight business days, give or take.

Scooter Lady: Three to eight business days. I could be dead by then.

ASM: Yeah, I'm guessing that's probably not going to happen

Scooter Lady: Really, I was on life support three weeks ago.

ASM: You look pretty good to me.

Scooter Lady: Okay order the book. How much for these? She asks pointing to her stack of books.

ASM: I'll ring those up now.

Scooter Lady: Someone's going to have to take these to my car, 'cause they are not going to get there by themselves.

ASM: I'd be happy to.

So the ASM helps Scooter Lady take the books to her car. He helps her fold up her scooter, which really isn't a scooter more like a chair with wheels. So Scooter Lady goes on her way. She pulls out of the parking lot and pauses for a moment, then drives a few feet, pauses. This continues until she gets to the street. She drives through a red light at about 5 miles per hour across three lanes of traffic, finally turning left.

This does beg the question, should you be running errands if you were on life support earlier in the month? Driving should definitely not be an option.

Anyway, we hope Scooter Lady made it home safely, her book should be in by Saturday.



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  1. Nancy - this story is HILARIOUS! Between the life support and lack of driving skills, I have to wonder if she reallly is no longer with us...