Monday, August 17, 2009

Time to break out the Middle Grade Novels!

Upcoming Trends in MG and YA
I found this post about trends on the website. I'm hoping it's okay to post here. It was originally on Facebook. Anyway, it looks like Middle Grade novels are still popular, especially ones geared toward boys and bring on the funny!




  1. Alright! This is encouraging news! Also, I have a question - my father in law who is a sports agent just emailed me and said that I should copyright my work before I send it out. Is this really true? Wouldn't that actually be a deterrent to publishers or is it actually safeguarding my work?

  2. Hi Lisa:

    You don't need to formally copyright your work. Once it's accepted by a publisher, they will make those arrangements. For more on copyrights check out Brian Klems Questions & Quandaries blog over at

  3. Excellent! Thank you -